Tuesday, March 2, 2010

School Monster Chaos Dream

12th Night, 13th Morning of November 2009...

I went to the high school fair that looked something like 'Pasar Petang' which mean Evening Market. Me and my friends (no idea who he or she is) went window shopping at a stall full of jeweleries and accessories. All of a sudden something from above came attacking my friend and grabbed few people up to the sky... It was Chaos in few seconds, as i was panic i turned around to see one of my friend was unconscious. I had to drag him/her to one of the class room as everyone was screaming and yelling outside, i pushed him behind the table and take cover at the other side of the table when i heard roaring sounds getting close. From the class room window, i saw a huge monster ripping and tearing everyone it sees while devouring those dead people out there. I was terrified and peeped from the back of the table i was hiding to get a better look of that monster. It was a Flying brown eagle with dragon or gryphon body. after a few minutes i could hear the sound of gun shots and grenades coming out of the class. Peek through the table side again and saw few army guys fighting against the monster, weirdly so fast there is few around. I got even more scared and slowly crawled to my friend who was unconscious... there was only a huge cocoon instead of my friend! The cocoon started moving and cracking... I rushed back hiding behind my table and peeked whats going on with that cocoon. A Huge Brown Bird looking similar like the monster out there flew out the class and started attacking the armies helicopters. That was my friend turned into a bird?! The monsters continue rampaging violently and the army was losing the war... I heard few military rescuers came just close to the class room i was yelling "Is there any survivors!". Right before i wanted to rush to them, the monster crushed them in front of the class room. I fainted viewing this horrifying incident (weird i faint in my own dream) and woke up turning into one of those creatures too.

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