Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lizard Pet Dream

8th Night, 9th Morning of December 2009...

Dream something about lizard… Don’t remember much yet all I know is pretty huge lizard at home. I’m taking care of it without my parents know like a secret Pet. (Okay I notice when I have less then 5 hours sleep or more then 12 hours sleep I cant remember most of the dreams, even worse I kept feeling whatever I did that trigger to remember my dream always cant remember the complete part. Ah! Not easy wake up and straight writing down the dreams just like that, and even harder when I have classes, but its worth it. The storyline often always seem to be just like whats going to happen even though the character or the stuff I do is different, it’s the feelings that I feel that’s always turn out the same). This Dream is Dull and just felt the feelings for a Lizard.

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