Thursday, August 27, 2009

Art Progress : Learning Realism

I wanted to learn Caricature but yikes, before i do that im in doubt whether i could actually paint a realism face in the first place. Since i have been high school, i sketch my friends and teachers when im bored in class. Now that im a graduate student, i realise that i havent been sketching my friends recently and i better give it s try. Well i did, in an hour or so i did it! Woa, so all this time those practises sketching in class wasnt a waste of time after all! Hmm, the tougher part is to colour it right... Well im not content with what i did, yet, it look similar though... is it?
So here it is, My very first Computer Graphic Airbrushing in Adobe Photoshop with lots of Smudging and Playing with Opacity and Soft Brush :)

DD First CG by ~sharastar on deviantART

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Art Progress : Journey Begin!

Haha i actually came back to blog or more to mumble out what i was up to recently.

Today i just want to seat back and relax, While day dream, my eyes caught the huge art piece i painted with Buncho Water colour. It reminded me to stay on track of my dreams... Oh i have a C++ Exam next week and better dont keep my head cramped with Art stuff for a while. But yet my heart says opposite... Instead of laying on bed and day dreaming better try drawing some sketches... and thats how i came across "Concept Art" in DeviantArt site. My heart wanted to know more on Concept Art and when i googled it up, its all about letting out imaginations that pop up in mind. All this time i was day dreaming and sketching those weird stuff of places that dont exist is called concept art? Woa... i need to do more research on this.

So i actually did something based on what i understood of Concept Art, Its a Dream of me in Night Dress being in a swampy at night with a huge cobra following me from behind... yes the cobra bite me already and the poison is in my veins. Its just a dream, yet felt so real, Since i just got my new tablet i started Airbrushing in photoshop, i tried my best to draw the cobra so real as my mind captured only the cobra so vividly, but i cant remember anything else clear enough though. However i know exactly what i was feeling then, its scared yet i need to find something... Just i Dont know what. Oh well, thats about the art piece called "Its waiting 4 me 2 die" in my Deviant Art.

Here is The "Its Waiting 4 me 2 Die" i did :

Its waiting 4 me 2 die Ex1 by ~sharastar on deviantART

My heart is still aint content with just that art piece and wants to learn more, but more to how to draw and paint better next time. So i did a search on Youtube for speed Paint, woa im astonished with the speed painting they did. Oh my, how do they colour so well?! I want to do that too! So i did a speed paint yet stuck with the details. I need to learn how to paint details for a near complete art.

Here is The near complete art that i have no clue on painting the ship and other details :