Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mouse, Shark, Power Rangers and Batman Dream

10th Night, 11th Morning of December 2009...

Another weird Dream, where 2 Mouse was chased by a Huge shark in a small circled like swimming pool at a park lake right beside a Hotel or an apartment. All of sudden Power Rangers saved the mouse and the shark chase me who was starring at the incident. From no where Batman saved me... and drop me of near the the park stairs that leading to a small open floor with Few Stalls and a huge crowd. I saw my family was queuing at the stall while my dad was yelling to me to get in line. I stepped in and my sis was in front of me at the counter receiving some goody bags. When it came my turn, i got a bag stuffed with 2 different shaped bottles, a rag bag, some stationary and some notebooks like the brown olden days Malaysian "Buku Nota" and the counter lady push me to the food stall... It seems that we was hit by hurricane and tsunami... that why the Shark was in the pool and... no idea from where power rangers or Batman or even the mouse came from.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tiger, Boy and I Dream

11 night 12 Morning

A dream scene of Serdang Flat Ikan shop... Moms shop was a jewelery shop, a very high classy and weird jewelery shop which have a dressing room half th size of the shop with lots of mirrors in it. I was playing outside with stick and stone (my age may be adolescent in the dream). A Tiger approached me and was very gentle with me, then a boy came along claiming that the tiger was actually his brother. We played together... The boy invited me to his hide out. I said i'll get moms permission and went back into the jewelery shop. When i just ask "Mom, Can i...",mom cut my sentence as usual and say "Dont disturb me now!! im Busy here". I got annoyed and took some jeweleries and went into the dressing room, trying it on. Then walked out forgetting to put it back safe. Outside, from a distant a group of people running marathon to the left was heading our way. When the marathon people got near, I looked to the Tiger and the boy and said "1, 2, 3 go!" . We ran, Tiger was so fast he ran in front of the crowd as we were left behind. The crowd started screaming and i heard some people yelling catch that tiger and so on. The boy started crying and i started feeling guilty... it was my fault Tiger went missing as we couldn't see Tiger from anywhere then... We reached near the Hide out just to see some guys pinned Tiger to the tree with a gun. The boy yelled and i said wait take this instead... which is my mom's jeweleries. They let go the Tiger just to be arrested by the police for "robbing" my moms jewelery shop.