Friday, December 3, 2010

Renew my resolution of Ambition list 2010-2011

Double check what i have done in previous LIST...

- Be an Artist - Perfecting my skills, and so far still no confidence to business-tize my arts... hope when i feel i get the skill level i really want then i will :P

- Be a Scientist (Professor actually) - Halted... studies have to stop as couldn't cope with stress (Age 20 - 25 is hard if everything was easy before... LESSON I learned is ALWAYS HAVE BACK UP DREAMS to look up too.) Just hoping this dream is not the end here and are just paused for a while.

- Design my very own Fashion Runaway - Main FOUNDATION creating a dress first before anything else... I consider my self mastering... Basic Sewing skills, Crochet, Embroidery, learning in progress knitting, and now hope to move on detailed sewing with real machine, need more experience, then i to start, till then have to brush my skills and learn more. Lastly... my dreams here changed into running a business related to outfit + design

- Create my Dream Comic/Game - Progressing real good and steady, but game had to be halted temporaryly... yet it seems to be the time to continue with it.

- Work at Home - Found several desirable ways and its slow but its working, need to learn how to market and sell stuff for real! Oh this is a real challenge...

- Float in the Air -(Para-sailing = Done!)
- Bungee Jump - MAYBE 15years later... hmm... parents overprotective mode...
- Learn French - Stuck at grammar since my french teacher left... oh my... since the class is gone, communicating and practicing french is a bit tough.

- Learn Japanese - Thanks to a certain someone... the nonstop anime marathon run for the whole month made me speaking japanese and kinda understanding it like a todler, wooohoo!! i guess reading is a tottaly different chapter

- Learn to Dance "Bharatanatiyam" - Pausing this till im married (Dont Laugh!!)

- Learn to Dance "Arabic Belly Dance" - Beginner level i guess... going on intermediate with loads of video and practice. :P

As i mentioned earlier keep more ambitions in list, that way i have more choices and fields to be in as long i love them


- Painting designs on cars with that awesome airbrushing thingy...
- Learning Law in Intellectual Property and business till really can say i've mastered it completely both malaysian and british law (if i can deal this matter on my own without a lawyer is the main target, even though i know i cant ~Imagining the impossible)
- I wanna design an Outfit (from head to toe) for My Best friends, My mom if she is willing to wear... and of course Anita Sarawak, Tyra Banks, Angelina Jolie, Jyotika (Tamil Actress) all in Avant Garde (I guess the weird stunning looking outfits)!! hehe i know its insane but listing out dreams/ambitions shouldn't be restrained...

Maybe to Achieve Goals :
- Architect my dream home
- Own a resort in Malaysia, Switzerland and Australia
- Sculpt a 3 foot Art Piece -Completely forgot about this... i guess i dont have the proper resources, yet made a 3 foot painting of my life :P
- Run a Research Center for Mentally Disabled People
- Be top Rank in Malaysian Archery (Dreams... as i still dunno how to archer)

My Major Updates :

My Comic

My comic... its starting to turn out real great... yet i learned another tedious work... cleaning up the messy sketches and add some proper shading or it will look plain black and white line. I guess drawing comic is really a 3 ppl job as well as game development. However, im glad someone special is helping me out with the storyline and editing or more to fixing the sentence and idea (i still do the graphic editing and wordings...)

So far the draft is complete for first episode, but shading... and redrawing the lines out is pretty annoying but when the feel is right, i cant stop drawing :D At least little more to go till its complete i guess :)

Oh i wonder if i could upload every finished pages up... Pretty boring keeping it all to myself and no critique to improve it. Well, i shouldnt... at least finish one episode then i will start doing so if its worth reading :D

My Game Development

Okay, Since my basic storyline, characters, basic background, spells, and extra's are written out... (habit i caught from apiit... all assignments must have introduction to understand what i need to do...)
Designed the sketches of characters, basic items complete...
Now to bring them to life in 3D... thanks to cgskill im gonna learn and everything i halted will be continued soon, oh soon i hope.