Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Freaky Coincidence Dream

28th Night, 29th Morning of November 2009...

Another family dream, Dream that me and all my mom’s side relatives are going to vacation together. Since the place where we are going is nearby to my dads side of relation, my dad plans a short visit there. Before actually checking in to the apartment, we stopped by a mamak stall (mamak stall is Malaysian small Tea/ coffee shop near the street side). We took some quick stuffing for our tummy like maggi goreng, mee goreng, and such. As all of my little cousins sat same table as I am and we were finishing very slow. My uncle gave me RM 50 to pay up for the table im seating at while those done with the food can follow aunt to nearby shop that’s about RM 12.30. Everyone left besides my cousin sister sapna, she is waiting for me to pay at the cashier. The cashier guy is so slow in calculating and it was just simple math. I got so annoyed and jump in and said “Here RM 50, it is RM12.30 right?! Balance would be RM37.70, quick please I wanna get going now”. Done with short trip to the shops to buy some tidbits, we head back to the apartment and down to the beach for some fun. Its time to go to my dads relative side house, only my family were pushed to go there while my moms relative taking a break waiting for us at the apartment. We went to a house with sarongs hanging out side the house. We were greeted by a lady that I feel familiar. Since we have never met for years me and my siblings barely recognize them. Freakily the Cashier guy was there and all of a sudden his mother started mumbling about she saw how I reacted earlier at the shop and how nice if I can be part of their family! I got shocked and that cashier guy kept on starring at me in blank look as if still stuck with that math problem. I got panic and stood up saying no way im getting married and walk away straight to the car waiting for my family to get the hell out of there. I woke up sweating feeling so scared, funny.

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