Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update 2012 Dreams from the Past

Double check what i have done in previous LIST...

- Be an Artist - Now i think i am an artist, hey i create stuff and yes! people do buy my work :P hehe so yeah i guess im an artist. Weirdly my art works profit is equivalent to the time and materials used... so nope aint earning from this yet.

- Be a Scientist (Professor actually) - This dream is losing hope. Postponed to age 35, and lets see whether i will get back to Degree hunting.

- Design my very own Fashion Runaway - This year i dont think i want to think about Fashion as currently korean fashion is hitting the TV in malaysia and i dont like puffy furry collars.

- Create my Dream Comic/Game - Eversince i paused last year, i have not touch this section. So this is at pause. Too many mess to fix first.

- Work at Home -Yes, amigurumi for sale and side crafting helps :) Chayoook! Again much profit.

- Float in the Air -(Para-sailing = Done!)

- Bungee Jump - MAYBE 15years later... hmm... parents overprotective mode...

- Learn French - Okay due to  missing my french teacher, i end up doing workbook activity and reading some french novels, yes i can understand what i read but then my verbal seems to be slow. At least "La langue au amour est beau!" I may need some grammar improving still.

- Learn Japanese - Learning kanji is tough!! i will stick to french first...

- (new) Learn Cantonese - Recently i realize i have been talking Cantonese while i watch Cantonese drama on tv. Amazing! Yes i have been watching Chinese dramas all these years from a kid, and never to realize i understood Cantonese a bit but when it comes to mandarin, i cant seem to get it. So yes, targeted Cantonese as my next to learn language but then again, i have french and Japanese to learn finish first.

- Learn to Dance "Bharatanatiyam" - Pausing this till im married (Dont Laugh!!)

- Learn to Dance "Arabic Belly Dance" - okay i this is halted as im gaining weight with age lately. errr...

As i mentioned earlier keep more ambitions in list, that way i have more choices and fields to be in as long i love them


- Painting designs on cars with that awesome airbrushing thingy...
- Learning Law in Intellectual Property and business till really can say i've mastered it completely both malaysian and british law (if i can deal this matter on my own without a lawyer is the main target, even though i know i cant ~Imagining the impossible) = Not impossible no more, as long got google, a lot of patience of documentation and checking up "legislation" words.
- I wanna design an Outfit (from head to toe) for My Best friends, My mom if she is willing to wear... and of course Anita Sarawak, Tyra Banks, Angelina Jolie, Jyotika (Tamil Actress) all in Avant Garde (I guess the weird stunning looking outfits)!! hehe i know its insane but listing out dreams/ambitions shouldn't be restrained...

Maybe to Achieve Goals :
- Architect my dream home (DONE!!! YES IN 3DMAX!! YAY!!!, Okay in reality not sure when)
- Own a resort in Malaysia, Switzerland and Australia
- Sculpt a 3 foot Art Piece -Completely forgot about this... i guess i dont have the proper resources, yet made a 3 foot painting of my life :P
- Run a Research Center for Mentally Disabled People
- Be top Rank in Malaysian Archery (Dreams... as i still dunno how to archer) = (Woa i went archery last year (2011) and realize i can do it, though my arm hurt)

My Major Updates :

My Comic

My comic... COMPLETED MY VERY FIRST COMIC!! YES YES YES!! Then again, only for my close friends view. The feel of acomplishing it is awesome!! Now working on a new one, and this new one is something i have confidence to publish out ofcourse with my close ones ratings first, if its aint good it aint gonna be out :P No i wont publish my "First Edition" yes the name of my first comic is first edition lol. The second is about weird school life with 4 main tribe trying to be the best. No idea what to call that so i call it 4Tribe for now :P

My Game Development

Not focused on this... too bad... Weirdly studying Maths related to moving graphics and 3d space err... its soooo confusing!!

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