Friday, September 11, 2009

Coding can make you Predict

Too many obstacles in life dont know how to face them as day by day it gets harder. Computer Science taught me a lesson that i can never forget, play coding with life. if statement and conditions for what happening. Now life is like that, prediction and worries of what might come ahead with the little percentage of variables that changes... i ask my self daily for what might happen tomorrow and never take action with a condition that i want happens next. Thus im playing codes in real life, the variables that changes are of course what led by fate or another entity. The variables that im predicting is often those aroud me, and being as stubborn as a mule make sure that i am carving the path that i want in force. It can be hurtful sometimes but at the end of the day im content with what i have accomplished so far, step by step i add on a little of my dreams daily and when i look back i have no regrets as the journey of the life is more meaningful at the end when you harvest the efforts.

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