Thursday, July 23, 2009

Goals are Very Important In Life

Its going to be all about me...

Must Achieve Goals:

- Be an Artist
- Be a Scientist (Proffesor actually)
- Design my very own Fashion Runaway
- Create my Dream Comic/Game
- Work at Home
- Float in the Air (Parasailing = Done!)
- Bungee Jump
- Learn French
- Learn Japanese
- Learn to Dance
- Learn to Dance
"Arabic Belly Dance"

Maybe to Achieve Goals :
- Architect my dream home
- Own a resort in Malaysia, Switzerland and Australia
- Sculpt a 3 foot Art Piece
- Run a Research Center for Mentally Disabled People
- Be top Rank in Malaysian Archery (Dreams...)

Haha, Yes all of my dream may sound insane. But goals are there so i dont get side tracked of my aims in life rite? My Journey started since im young, always going to counselors at school asking them more detailed on what and where im going to be heading in my life. Well the road trip of life has just begun, And lets see where it takes me.

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